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Welcome to Winning Duncan Over! You will find in these pages the story of a Shetland Sheep dog who spent 8 years as a puppy mill stud dog before being rescued. Duncan's rescue is only the beginning of the story however. A great deal of time, work, love and patience is needed to turn an abused puppy mill dog into a happy and healthy pet, and that is the story told here. If you would like to read Duncan's full story I recommend that you start in the Archives at the left with February 2007 - when it all began for me, Duncan's guardian. Thank you for visiting Duncan's site, and please tell a friend!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

One Month

I was thinking about Little Debbie tonight and particularly missing her. I miss her being at my feet. I miss her following me around the house. I miss her when the dogs come in from the back yard and there are only two there, not three. I miss laying on the bed with her and petting her and rubbing her long nose and her little belly. I miss her jumping up and putting her front paws on my lap and quietly pawing at me to pet her when I'm sitting here at the computer.

I hadn't opened the box with her ashes in it yet. I'd really been saving it till this spring when I can spread them in my iris garden. But I decided to open it and sat down with the box and spent a few minutes remembering her.

I opened the envelope with the crematory order and the rainbow bridge poem in it and read through everything again that I had already read. I haven't really been keeping track of the time... When I looked at the cremation certificate, it said December 15th. I guess I was thinking about her so much and missing her so much because I somehow knew that it had been a month.

It seems like longer for some reason. I've never had to let a pet go that had not been with me for many, many years. I had her such a short time-just two. She was so happy and joyful and playful. Such a sweet little girl. And she loved me so much.

posted by Tatha at 12:52 AM
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Blogger My Crafty Little Page said...

It's so hard isn't it? I know Debbie had her happiest two years of her life with you and Duncan. I was so stunned when I read that she had died - I lost my sheltie Lilly last summer and I hadn't read your blog since she died. I hope Duncan is okay - I'll bet he misses her. So Sorry :( Nancy

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was also so shocked to read about Debbie being gone. I agree Debbie must have had just about a perfect life with you. I work in an office with 3 other women who lost older dogs in the past 15 months. Joyfully, one has adopted a new 2-year old Malti-poo in December (he comes to work with her every day) and the other 2 women are "looking". We sit around and look at dog pictures on the shelter and rescue sites all day when we should be working.... I hope you can open your heart to another dog before too much time passes. -- Donna in VA

6:26 PM  

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