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Welcome to Winning Duncan Over! You will find in these pages the story of a Shetland Sheep dog who spent 8 years as a puppy mill stud dog before being rescued. Duncan's rescue is only the beginning of the story however. A great deal of time, work, love and patience is needed to turn an abused puppy mill dog into a happy and healthy pet, and that is the story told here. If you would like to read Duncan's full story I recommend that you start in the Archives at the left with February 2007 - when it all began for me, Duncan's guardian. Thank you for visiting Duncan's site, and please tell a friend!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Snake Saturday 2010

Here's Duncan in his Kilt ready to march in the Snake Satruday Parade with the Kansas City Sheltie Rescue!

He did great again this year!  He was so excited to see all the other Shelties again and marched like a regualr pro!

posted by Tatha at 1:50 PM
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Anonymous Megan said...

I just finished reading your blog all the way through and have to say thank you. It has been so great knowing that there are other people who have dealt/ are dealing with shy and fearful dogs.

I recently adopted a sheltie, Maggie, who was passed to home from home and lived under a house for the past month. I have had her a month now and while she is making leaps and bounds of progress, whenever she encounters something she is unsure of, I see that frightened girl come back. It just breaks my heart thinking of what she has been through.

I am so happy for you about the progress your Duncan has made over the years and I hope Maggie will be as lucky.

I also wanted to ask you if you can recommend any products or toys that seemed to make Duncan feel at home? I have purchased Maggie a Kong, a memory foam dog bed, as well as put her on the Honest Kitchen food products.


4:42 PM  

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